Introduction to AI (2021/2022)

Tutorial for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This page is intended for the English tutorial held each Wednesday.


The lecture is based on Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 4th Edition (Prentice Hall, 2020)


To earn the credit, it is necessary to earn enough points for solving programming oriented assignments. Each assignment is worth at least 10 points. The threshold for passing is $7 \times \text{number of assignments}$. The expected number of assignments is $9$, but this may change due to some unforeseen circumstances.

All of the assignments will be posted on ReCodEx. The source codes to solve the assignments are hosted on Git. All of the assignments are implemented in Python and due to the automatic checks performed by ReCodEx it is necessary to adhere to the provided templates. The deadline will always be around 2 weeks, but for the exact dates, see ReCodEx.

It is NOT mandatory to attend the classes, however, it is highly recommended as the topics discussed during the class may help you with solving the assignments.

If someone feels that they are missing the opportunity to earn the credit, do not be afraid to contact me. Such cases will be dealt with individually based on your approach to the exercise.