AI I (2021/2022)

Tutorial for Artificial Intelligence I

This page is intended for the English tutorial held each even Monday. For the page for other tutorials in Czech go here. Pro stránky v češtině navštivte tuto stránku.

Textbooks and supplementary materials

The lecture is based on this book:

Extra literature:

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach in available in our library. It is possible to download Artificial Intelligence and Games as a PDF from the link above

Supplementary for programming in Java:


To obtain the credit, it is necessary to collect 60 points for the assignments (see below). The tutorial will be led by Jiří Švancara, but due to his stay abroad, Jiří Fink will represent the role of the instructor during October. During the tutorial, we will always get acquainted with the assignments, but we will also look at the techniques discussed in the course and other practical uses for that techniques.

If someone feels that they are missing the opportunity to earn the credit, do not be afraid to contact me. Such cases will be dealt with individually based on your approach to exercise.


There will be 5 assignments, for which a total of 100 points can be obtained. Solutions to the assignments are submitted via ReCodEx. In addition to the baseline points, you can get bonus points by performing well in a tournament. After the deadline for the given example, I will evaluate all submitted solutions in a tournament that may have slightly different specifications than the original assignment (see each assignment for details). The first place will receive additional 15 points, the second 10 points, the third 8 points, and all solutions in the top 30% will receive 5 points.

Examples will be published collectively for all exercises, so the deadline is the same for all tutorial groups.

Don't underestimate the first assignments that are worth the least points, the later assignments are much more challenging and it is more difficult to earn the full number of points.

Assignment Points Deadline Recommended approach
Super Mario Bros. 10 7. 11. 2021 rule-based agent
Ms. Pac-Man 20 28. 11. 2021 uniform-cost search
Sokoban 20 12. 12. 2021 A* with custom heuristic
Warlight 25 9. 1. 2022 minimax or Monte Carlo tree search
Minesweeper 25 13. 2. 2022 backtracking search for CSPs